Company Information

In January 2013, Daikin Industries and Sauer-Danfoss (now Danfoss Power Solutions), established the joint venture, Daikin-Sauer-Danfoss.

Building on the engineering, manufacturing, and sales know-how of our parent companies, we deliver a unique range of products, featuring advanced hydraulic technology, to the global, mobile hydraulic market.

Our key operations encompass assembly and testing of products, as well as component manufacturing, utilizing cell-production methods. Our established products, which include BDU, LDU, DDC20, Series 42, and the BM series, continue to provide reliable performance and improved efficiency in a wide range of applications.

Furthermore, we are an important regional production base, playing a key role in Danfoss Power Solutions’ global strategy.

With experienced, professional employees, well designed products, and flexible production, our business continues to expand and grow.

We are already ISO9001 and ISO14000 certified.



Our locations


      1-1 Nishi Hitotsuya, Settsu, Osaka
        566-0044, Japan
        TEL: +81-6-6349-7264
        FAX: +81-6-6349-6789  

West Japan Sales Office:

      Shin-Osaka TERASAKI 3rd Bldg. 6F
        1-5-28 Nishimiyahara, Yodogawa-ku,
        Osaka 532-0004, Japan
        TEL: +81-6-6395-6090
        FAX: +81-6-6395-8585      

East Japan Sales Office:

      Kanda IK Bldg. 8F
        2-7-1 Kaji-cho, Chiyoda-ku,
        Tokyo 101-0044, Japan
        TEL: +81-3-5298-6363
        FAX: +81-3-5295-6077      


Company Name:

Daikin-Sauer-Danfoss Ltd.

Registered at:

1-1 Nishi Hitotsuya, Settsu, Osaka, 566-0044 Japan

Founded on:  

January 1st, 2013


Yukihiro Hagiwara


Daikin Industries, Ltd.  (55%)
Danfoss Power Solutions Holding ApS (45%)      


Hydraulic Components and System Solutions for Mobile Equipment (Construction, Agriculture and Special purpose vehicles).

Main Products:

Hydrostatic Transmissions:    

  • Bantam Duty Series  
  • Light Duty Series      
  • Medium Duty Series      
  • Heavy Duty Series    

Travel Motors, Steering Units, Cam Motors, Valves, Orbital Motors, Electronic Controls


Series 42 Axial Piston Pumps

Our Series 42 pumps are advanced hydrostatic units, ideal for for medium duty applications.

DDC 20/24 Pump

We offer the most compact pump on the market - offering unparalleled efficiency, low noise, and flexibility to perform in a wide array of light-duty equipment applications.

LDU20/24 U-Style Transmission

The LDU 20 offers a smaller package size with greater power density than any comparable product on the market.